Top Recipes of 2023

How is it already 2024?  Time sure does fly when you are having fun. 2023 was a joyous journey with all my followers, subscribers, and friends and I just wanted to pause and thank all of you for coming into my kitchen and visiting with me. It’s still hard to believe how far we have come and how our audience has grown.

First was Facebook…. My daughter and granddaughter helped me make my Facebook debut in January of 2021. We began posting videos/tutorials of some of my favorite recipes on Monday evenings.  Our Facebook cooking community began to grow, and it keeps growing every day! As of today, we have 172k followers.  I have made some of the sweetest friends via Facebook from all over the country.  I have found kindred spirits and I treasure my Monday posts so that we can visit.

2023 we decided to experiment with a short version of my videos and start an Instagram account. People told us we were crazy, and that Instagram was not our “audience”. We posted our first REEL in April 2023 and that short, little video has been viewed over 23M times, and we have garnered a following of 241K followers, so far.  Even though our encounters are brief, my new friends on Instagram have been such a blessing.

2023 also was the year we decided to post our Monday videos to YouTube.  Honestly, we started the account to ward off imposters that were stealing my FB videos and posting them to YouTube for profit. The best way for us to protect my videos was to start a YouTube channel of our own. We loaded a plethora of my old videos to start the channel, and now we regularly post the Monday videos and some of the short videos to YouTube. It’s opened us up to a whole new world, literally.  With over 80k subscribers from America, New Zealand, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, etc….  YouTube has allowed me to welcome even more beautiful people into my kitchen. I have learned that food is a universal language.

Even though the videos/recipes are similar content from week to week, it always amazes me the reactions we receive from the different platforms. Now, we are aware that algorithms, timing, preferences, etc., affect popularity and views but if you want to know what people are watching and where they are watching… here are the results of the TOP VIDEOS/RECIPES from 2023. Drumroll please…

Facebook: Hamburgers and Gravy

Instagram: Strawberry Trifle

YouTube: Chocolate Cobbler

We are so excited about 2024.  My grandchildren are helping me to get on TikToK.  That ought to be a hoot!  We are also considering Pinterest and several other endeavors.  Thank you again for liking, commenting, subscribing …. You have certainly brightened my corner of the world.

And remember….

Shine for Jesus!

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