with MeMe

Family and Friends

As soon as Sunday Lunch at MeMe’s, was published, MeMe thought of several recipes she wished she would have included. Those along with more recipes from family, friends, co-workers, and followers began to accumulate. So, the idea for a second book was born.

But what to call it? 

One day a friend left a comment that said she couldn’t wait for Mondays with MeMe. That was it! The name encompassed the journey and the new collection of recipes. 

Video Feed

While compiling recipes for Sunday Lunch at MeMe’s, the family encouraged MeMe to start posting cooking videos on Facebook to create memories while making family favorites. These videos could also be shared with friends who were wanting to learn to cook! Mondays seemed to be the best fit for busy schedules to regularly video a cooking tutorial. 

Mondays are designated for sharing recipes over multiple social media platforms. Viewers are welcomed into MeMe’s Kitchen and are taught a tasty recipe. MeMe often shares short stories and helpful tips during her step-by-step instructions. And in keeping with a personal challenge, she always ends with an encouraging, 

"Shine for Jesus!"